“I have no doubts that “Mana Ōrite” by Isabelle Nelson, staged as part of the 16th International Zawirowania Dance Festival, was the best and most interesting dance performance that was shown in Warsaw in 2020.” – Sandra Wilk (PL) Teatr Tańca Zawirowania


W O M E N   I N   F I L M

For Immediate Release

We would like to invite you for a special viewing on 20 June at Plein Theater, Amsterdam at 20:00 in collaboration with Nicola Hepp / The movers, Alicia Anais Fuentes Sifuentes Marta Lillioja & Claire de Caluwe in Amsterdam. Bar open from 18:00. Tickets:


‘KERN’ premiered in 2021 at Het Mandela Huisje and subsequently performed sold-out shows at The Orangerie, Zone2Source in the Amstelpark and Het Amsterdams Theaterhuis. Funded by Balkonscenes – Fonds Podiumkunsten and Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst.

REVIEW –  “The dancers deliver an impressive performance, and the performance presents a beautiful picture of the search for togetherness in a world of differences, which may be called a beautiful tribute to the person whose name this idyllic place bears.” – Boukje Cnossen, Theaterkrant. 

‘KERN’ – the film version has now been recognized as a multiple AWARD WINNER:
Florence Film Awards – Best Sound Design
NYN Film Awards – Best Sound Design
Paris Play Film Festival – Best Dance film & Best Editing
Sweden Film Awards – Finalists
Florence Film Awards – Honourable Mention First Time Director
4THEATRE Film Awards – Official Selection
Open Vision Film Fest Festival – Official Selection
Kalakari Film Festival (India) – Official Selection
New Renaissance Film Festival (NL) – Nomination for Best Dance Film
 See the IMDB Profile for KERN:


‘TAHI’ (Film) – World Premiere: Mercado Cultural do Caranda in Braga, Portugal April 28 2022.

Vesuvius International Film Fest 2022 – Best Edit

London Indie Short Festival 2022 – Semi Finalist

Dublin World Film Festival – Semi-Finalist

Dancers/Collaborators with rotating casts:

Alexander Negron, Camilla Bundel, Evan Schwarz, Gijs Hanegraaf, Jochem Eerdekens, Michael de Haan, Rosanna ter Steege, Reina Trifunovic, Kanoko Takeuchi


‘UNVEILED’ – (film) 2022

Concept Fynn Roovers with Choreography by Isabelle Nelson

The 2nd showcase of happened this year @wildsoundtv @wildsoundfestival  in a Special showcase of the best of films from the 2023 Festival lineup.

Edinburgh Film Awards – Best Editing

International Cosmopolitan film festival of Tokyo – Best Sound Design

Washington Film Awards– Best Editing & Best Dance Film

Vesuvius International Film Fest – Finalist

Berlin Short Festival– Semi Finalist

Rotterdam independent Film Festival – Semi Finalist

Austin INternational Art Festival– Semi Finalist

The Short Film Festival– Official Selection

Experimental Dance and Music– Official Selection

Coproduction AALCHEMY
Film & Edit Fynn Roovers
Choreography & Dance Isabelle Nelson
Music @diederiksmulders & @kajamajoor
Music Supervisor @nikolai.clavier



‘FLIGHT MODE’ premiered at The KunstKapel, Amsterdam in June 2022 with further performances at Vondelpark Openluchttheater. This is the latest choreographic work by Isabelle Nelson with concept by Fynn Roovers. The Film version premiered at the immersive dance film “Give Me A Break!” Film Festival 27-28 Sept. 2022 at New York City’s Arts On Site East Village dance showplace. A Co-Production with ‘AAlchemy‘ (USA) and supported by AFK ‘Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst

Concept & Choreography by Isabelle Nelson and Fynn Roovers. Performers: Jochem Eerdekens, Laura Moura Costa, Kanoko Takeuchi and Gijs Hanegraaf with an electrifying original soundscore by Alessio (Cyb) Giofreddio.

In ‘FLIGHT MODE’, Isabelle Nelson demonstrates a strong image of a world in which we sometimes seem to drown, by always being ‘on.’ – Theaterkrant

‘FLIGHT MODE’ – the film version has now been recognized as a multiple AWARD WINNER: 

Vesuvius International Film Fest – Best Editing by Fynn Roovers & Best Music by Alessio (Cyb) Gioffredi
Sicily Art Cinema Festival – Best Dance Short
Munich Short Film Awards – Best Experimental Film
Venice Indie Film Festival – Semi Finalists


‘NEXUS’ – (film) 2023

Short Film Factory – Best Music & Dance

Vesuvius International Film Fest – Best Dance Short

Berlin Shorts Festival – Semi Finalist

New Orleans Film Festival– Semi Finalist

RAD Fest – Midwest Regional Alternative Dance Festival – Official Selection

Experimental Dance and Music– Official Selection

Director | Producer: Isabelle Nelson
Choreographer: Isabelle Nelson in collaboration with Dancers @kalinmorrow & @laiavancells
1AC @zofia.piontek
2AC @isabelle_j_nelson
3AC @jan.canieso
Light @annasonjasinikka
Costume @lea.ellemann
Grip @artemiykrasov
Set design @somanatomics
Sound @harrison__lewis
Edit @isabelle_j_nelson
Photo @elitinac


Solo work Mana Ōrite,’ performs at Teatr Tańca Zawirowania in Warsaw, Poland.

– Strona Tańca – 05/12/2020

“I have no doubts that “Mana Ōrite” by Isabelle Nelson, staged as part of the 16th International Zawirowania Dance Festival, was the best and most interesting dance performance that was shown in Warsaw in 2020. Her dance is universal, and when well composed, as in the case of “Mana Ōrite”, it simply delights. If we add the intensity of the message, great – really fantastic – designed lights, engaging, almost trance-like music, we have a recipe for success.”
“And then the energy of “Mana Ōrite” – a fantastic New Zealand performance by Isabelle Nelson based on the Maori creation myths – exploded. I consider “Mana Ōrite” to be the best spectacle staged in Warsaw during the pandemic – it had everything that delights: from extraordinary inspiration (in addition, culturally different), through unusual production – in lighting, props and scenery (the spectacle was played on real soil scattered on stage), to emotionally moving and technically excellent dance. Nelson was not only the most interesting dancer of the entire Zawirowania festival, but also a strong, most expressive stage character, of those portrayed by the artists of the entire Warsaw event.”
– Sandra Wilk, Dance Party